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Toy: Aria Giovanni Italian Love Goddess Doll
Reviewer: darkcloud
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Love DollsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Aria Love DollAria Love Doll at The Toy Chest

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Just got the Aria Giovanni doll. The rubber vinyl is thick with baby powder added pretty good. The mouth and nipples are made of soft flesh material. Same doll as Alexa except for updated soft flesh nipples. The box says the doll will hold up to 330 lbs., let's hope so.

Then after preparing the doll with lube, gonna enter the vagina. Ouch! It hurts, the shaft is grinding on the vinyl lining that hold the soft flesh material vagina in place. I quickly inspect the vagina and realized that the vagina and anus is glued on (tiny tiny amount), but not permeant. So i ripped out the entire vagina/anus sleeve, this doll is designed with removeable sleeve! There is basically a single tunnel that connects the vagina to anus and its about 2 inch wide (on the doll). The flesh vagina and anus is like a cyberchick sleeve, with a long tunnel connecting them together. The vagina and anus entrance area on the vinyl doll is hard to describe. It reminds of the fleshlight design, a protruding ring holding the sleeve in place. Below the groove is a open space working into a tunnel, sorta like a funnel with catcher wall on top. So i used a swiss army knife's scissor and cut a groove around/into the vagina/anus sleeve, a cut "grooved" ring around the side (in center, like slicing the side of a bagel) of the entrance area (lots of flesh material here), for both the vagina and anus, (about half inch deep). Then i put it back into the doll, it works great now! No more grinding, works perfect! Feels heavenly. The "vinyl ring groove" on the doll holds the vagina/anus sleeve well, so basically the top half of the vagina is exposed and bottom half stuffed into the doll's funnel space, with the vinyl ring groove holding the "middle". (Same for anus too).

Then I tried a fleshlight sleeve on the doll. It works great! The front outer deep ring groove of the sleeve works perfect with the doll, the top half bulk of the vagina exposed and bottom half stuffed into the doll tunnel, with the vinyl groove holding into the fleshlight sleeve's outer groove, sweet. Wow, now the fleshlight feels even better! Hard to improve the fleshlight, probably the best hand held masturbator, but it works awesome too or even better on Aria Giovanni.

So basically you can put MANY types of vagina or anus sleeve into Aria Giovanni (Especially with modification). I dont know how long this doll will last but if it ever leaks or pop, i might try stuffing it or save up for a latex doll. Aria's breasts feels nice with the soft flesh nipples.

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