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Toy: Fleshlight
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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Fleshlight 2

Type: Vagina / Sleeve
Price: around $35-90
Reason for Purchase: Keep hearing how real it feels. Then after seeing the other review by SmoothNSlow and the inexpensive price at that store Why the hell not?

Bang for your buck: **** (Above Average)
Big O meater: ***** (Cum Drenching)

Note: This thing is called Fleshlight 2, In the instructions it says people have used “oil” as a lubricant. So maybe that is the improvement they have made since the original. If not forgive me for I know not why they call it Number two!

Looks: It was larger then I expected. I was thinking of something the size of a flashlight and inconspicuous, but the outer casing makes it look like a high powered flashlight! Just hope no one asks to use it!
When taken out of the casing the device has a pussy opening with generic lips and this thing really only belongs inside the casing when used.

Smells: This gave of a rather sweet smell.

Feels: Its silky. I am not sure I would call it life like. But it is pretty damn close. I closed my eyes and liked the "lips" If it were not for the non-taste taste and the sweet smell I would probably think I am licking the real thing. Its almost like licking pussy.

Noise: The suction sounds but otherwise the device makes no noise.

Dimensions of Device: 3-4lbs inside the casing. Considering the nature of the device it should fit every guy out there. It stretches to accommodate any girth. Its very deep and it can also stretch in that dimension as well.

Hey what can I say? After hearing how life like it is I just had to try it myself. I did try it in the shower. For me it wasn’t that great in there but it’s the easiest to clean up.
The end is open to allow easy movement in and out of the device. All tests were conducted with the device warmed: I found I could get different sensation by screwing the bottom cap onto the device while I was inside. When I am deep inside and I screw the bottom cap in, the device has a big suction that doesn’t really want to let me go. So adjusting the cap on the bottom affects suction. Changing lubes, now that causes different feels. I found when I used skin lotion as my lubricant. For me it felt like a blowjob! It has been years since I had one but this brought back those memories!

Baby Oil, that made it feel like rubbing up soft silky skin. The device does not have the intricacies of the female vagina its just has vaginal lips and then it has is elastic opening. So I guess it would be like pumping through two large breasts squeezed together. Or you can imagine just rubbing between some nice round butt cheeks (Not anal sex, just rubbing between the cheeks)
The water-based lube it comes with did nothing for me. It dries out so quickly and when you enter the device it really doesn’t feel any different than the baby oil. I thought it would give it that blowjob type feel, but It did not.

When you use skin lotion in combination with adjusting the cap on the bottom you can make it feel like just going in and out of the mouth to it sucking a little harder on your cock.

Would I buy another one?
I bought another similar device in the same shipment. I will put that review up shortly. But as for this fleshlight its very good. As you can see I bought the one with Vaginal lips. Reason? It was the one on sale. And I don’t think it would matter what the opening looks like the device expands so easily. So if I ever wear this one out I just might consider buying another one. Though it looks like a pussy, it can simulate a rather nice blowjob.

Improvements: I think if they made a model that was a larger free standing. They could also include some type of heating element so that it can heat up on its own. A lot of home massagers now offer vibrations and heat.

I have only had this for about two weeks now. It has not fallen apart yet. So all is well. I am following the directions I apply baby powder to it after I am finished. So that it retains its fleshy silk feel.

All in all this is great! This thing is a lot better than Jenna!


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