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Toy: Kobe Tai's Pussy and Ass
Reviewer: darkcloud
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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This toy sucks! It is molded in 2 layers, very bad engineering here. A thin UR3 or ultra realistic skin 3.0 wraps over a firm coarse inner frame. The hard rubber frame is suppose to simulate bones or cartlidges and offer easier mobility and stability for cleaning or storage. When bumping the toy, it feels very hard and uncomfortable. Verdict: It is this rubber frame that makes this toy bad. The UR3 skin is particular thin for the canal, about 1/8 inch only! (Even thinner than the skin sample!) Therefore when the skin tears, the hard rubber frame starts to expose itself more and more. This makes the toy no longer pleasurable because grinding on the exposed hard rubber frame is very bad and uncomfortable.

If you are thinking about getting this toy, dont waste your money because this toy just plain sucks. This toy was released in 2001 and the previous version (Juli Ashton's Pussy and Ass, released 1999) is MUCH MUCH better. Juli Ashton's Pussy and Ass is molded in SOLID UR3 skin. It feels better and softer and lasts a lot longer but requires careful handling. Since the toy is no longer "useable", I lay it upside down and put Sky's Vagina and Anus on top of it, which works really great.

Overall this toy is CRAP. Get the Juli Ashton's model instead.

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