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Toy: Sky Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Reviewer: darkcloud
Manufacturer: Big Teaze Toys
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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Great toy! A big improvement over previous vaginas. This toy uses UR3 or ultra realistic 3.0 skin, which is more real and stronger. This toy is a "hands free" type of masturbator. It is molded to Sky's anatomy. There is no doubt that Sky is a super hottie. The entire thing is molded in UR3, unlike Kobe Tai's vibrating ass and pussy which is 2 layered (thin 1/8 inch UR3 skin over a coarse hard rubber inner frame, which really sucks big time because if you tear any skin inside then the toy becomes utterly crap and unpleasurable.

First, the material "thickness" above and below the canal is about 3/4 inch, very thick and durable! Jenteal's version (released 1997) and Juli Ashton's version (released 1999) both are about 1/8 to 1/4 inch only. Therefore this toy is much more durable.

Second, the design for the "area" between the vagina hole and the anus is improved too. It is hard to explain but it is "molded more" in a horizontal fashion than previous versions. The engineering allows a "more evenly spread" stretching therefore the durability is increased. So no need to worry about ripping the vagina and anus and causing them to become "one" big hole.

Third, the canal is no longer smooth. Now Sky's vagina has little ribbings, spike dots, and the clit. Nicely done.

Fourth, the vibrator rocks! It is fully logic with 2 soft touch buttons and LED gauge. The vibrator can create "very" different sensations. There are 5 modes. First mode is regular vibrate. Second is pulsate it vibrates in an on-and-off fashion. Third is surge, it vibrates weakly couple times then a longer strong vibrate follows. Fourth is escalate, it vibrates weakly for few seconds then it starts to build up into a very long and strong vibration (very nice, feels like a car accelerating). Fifth is roller coaster, it vibrates strong and weak in alternate fashion, this mode is nice too. Then there are 5 power settings too for each mode!

Overall this toy is great. One of the best vagina, highly recommended.

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