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Toy: Vibrating Urethral Sound
Reviewer: Hardy Haberman
Categories:VibratorsFor Men
Overall rating:
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Good things come in small packages, at least when it comes to this toy. Built of chrome plated surgical steel, this 7" vibrating rod was designed to be inserted in a man's urethra. That is accomplished only with the help of sterile lube, and is not for the inexperienced.

I found that the urethreal insertion was only moderately invigorating, and the effect was less stimulating the firther the toy went in. The good news is, this toy has lots of other uses. Used as a high-intensity vibrator, this chrome wand really makes other CBT toys perk up. Touch the vibrator to a leather cock ring or other device and ZING! (For the ladies: Feels similar to a "Whal" vibrator in its action.)

Also worked very well when used on female genitals. It is amazing how you can zero on on the G-spot with this little gem.

The added advantage of this toy is it's sturdy metal construction. I regularly clean and dissinfect it in a water and bleach solution and it holds up fine. I have not tried running it through a sterilizer yet. Affraid the motor might melt from the heat.

It uses a single "AAA" battery and like the bunny, it keep s going and going and going.

Only drawback is the price. At anywhere from $100 to $122, it is not for the budget minded. I was a bit taken back by this price, but once I used it, I can say it was worth every penny!

Available at various locations including JT's Stockroom.

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