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Toy: Private Cock Hugger
Reviewer: Dale Gribble
Categories:Penis SleevesFor MenVibrating
Overall rating:
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Wanting to spice my solo experiences up a bit, I decided I would invest in a sex toy. I've never used one before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did some hunting and decided to get the Private Cock Hugger. It is comprised of two pieces. A roughly 10" jelly sleeve with two openings and a large vibrating bullet. I've used it on two occasions so far and I must say it's quite good but not without it's flaws.

The first time I used it, I used the vibrating bullet. The hole where the bullet goes is really small and getting it in there is tricky. The sleeve has an opening on each end, one a mouth and the others a non specific opening. The sleeve is ribbed although the mouth is not quite as ribbed as the other end. The first time I used it, I lubed up and entered the non specific side. I jerked it around a bit and it felt good but I think I had applied too much lube as it was slipping off the end of my cock. I decided to try the bullet. The bullet has several speeds ranging from a slight vibration to a very intense motion. It can easily be controlled with the sliding wheel on the controller. I adjusted the bullet gradually until I was ready to cum. I eventually cranked it up and shot a load. Much to my suprise, I was still ready to go so I decided to enter from the mouth. The bullet was then repositioned near my balls. I again did a similar routine and got off. I noticed the mouth was not quite as tight or ribbed as the other end. My first impressions were that the product was good but nothing special.

The following night, I decided to forgo the vibrating bullet. I used only a tiny bit of lube as I had enough precum to make the sleeve slick. I manipulated the sleeve and used the mouth end. This time it produced a nice zip feeling much like a blowjob. The sensation was great and not so intense as to make me cum too soon. I then decided to try and fuck the mouth portion by putting it under something to immobilize it. I did that for a while and finally erupted. This time, I was very impressed with it. I think this product is a great masturbator and I only wish that the sleeve was sold alone as I think the inclusion of the vibrating bullet drove the cost up a bit. That's not to say that the bullet is useless, it does provide an interesting sensation that is very different from straight usage of the sleeve but overall I think I preferred the sleeve alone without the bullet. However, I've not tried manipulating the sleeve around with the bullet on so I won't go as far as to say the bullet is worthless. In any case, this brings up an interesting point. This toy is great for variety. With two openings and the bullet(which offers several speeds) you can do alot with this toy. This gives you some nice options. Clean up was pretty simple. Filling the cavity with soap and water and rinsing and then drying cleaned it up just fine. The plastic packaging is closable so it keeps the sleeve in great shape.

While my first feelings were lukewarm, I can now say that I reccomend the Cock Hugger especially for toy newbies or people who want one and only one toy(like myself). On a side note, does anyone know who the woman is on the packaging? I enjoyed her photo as I was using the toy and would love to see more of her. If you're in the market, the Cock hugger is a good choice.

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