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Toy: Julie Meadows - Pulsator
Reviewer: L
Manufacturer: Las Vegas Novelties
Categories:Cock RingsVibratingFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Julie Meadows Pulsator
A wireless, touch activated "love ring".
Manufactured by Las Vegas Novelties

"Ohhh...K" was my response as I read the box and opened my new toy....

What it it is-
Now this will be interesting to explain. It is about 4 inches long, the first 3 inches covered with soft, flexible pokey nubs that are intended to rub the clit area. At the base there is what is essentially a cock ring. (also flexible to fit any average size penis or toy)
Inside the nubby area there is a very powerful but tiny vibrator that is touch activated. (hurray no wires!)

The result-
Wowser! This thing is fun!
I tried it with Saki first, with him wearing it as a cock ring. Then as a hitchhiker on my vibrator. It works either way, and the touch pad is very sensitive so you don't have to grind it into your clit (unless you want to ;-)) to get it to work.

Footnote: My personal favorite was using it with my partner, cowgirl. This way I could control the vibrations depending on how much I leaned forward.

It seems to be made of a strong, stretchy rubber. It seems to be pretty sturdy, it doesn't seem to be ready to rip apart or disintegrate if it's cleaned like some toys I've come across. Sorry I can't be specific on the material but no further information was available.

What you need to play-
NOTHING! It's all included, it comes with the batteries already installed and a sample of astroglide in he box! Hurray for Las Vegas Novelties, thank you for thinking of everything.
The battery is watch size, and easily changeable.

Recommended for-
Everyone! Guys, this would be a great gift, something you can use together, or she can play with while you're away. Gals, this is a nice one, you can tell someone had us in mind when they were designing this one.

A+, 5 *****'s
I have no complaints on this one, it met all my criteria, solid construction, induces yummy orgasm's, works the way it's supposed to, and is great for solo or partner action.

Be safe, have fun,

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