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Toy: Wireless Vibrating Thong For Him
Reviewer: -lunacy-
Categories:LingerieFor MenVibrating
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Wireless Vibrating Thong For Him

What it is:
A black lycra thong with a small pouch in the crotch for a vibrating bullet. The bullet rests against the testicles (or anus if you flip the pouch) and provides vibration sensation. It comes with a wireless remote (about 4"X 1") that has a 10-12 foot range.

One Size Fits Most
Unstretched it's about 24 inches around the waist, it can be stretched to about 42 inches. We were pleased to find it was very stretchy and does not bind on the thighs.

I found this to be well constructed. It's a lycra/nylon blend that's washable and seems pretty sturdy.

Noise Factor
Always a consideration in a sex toy, this one is a little on the noisy side. Certainly not one you could use when the roommate was home, unless of course you were trying to entice them ;-)

The Remote Control
This was a stroke (pun intended of course) of genius, it's always nice to have your hands free for other things. The box claims a range of 12 feet, in our un-scientific research we found it to be about 10 feet before the vibration started going intermittent.

What You'll Need to Play
2 AAA batteries (for the bullet)
1 12 Volt (for the remote)

What I Liked
-It was a nice fit, it shows off the ass and augments a man's natural bulge. The lycra makes for a comfortable fit, no bunching or binding.

-I liked the hands free aspect and the lack of wires.

-It's a simple toy, no weird straps, attachments or lubes needed.

-It's washable! Always a plus for a toy.

-I liked that it was versatile. This could be enjoyed as penile, testicular or anal stimulation depending how you arranged things.

What I Didn't Like
-The 12 volt battery could be a little hard to find when you need a replacement.

On it's own it was more ticklish than arousing. However, as an augmentation to masturbation or hands free stimulation while watching porn it's great. I gave this a solid 4 1/2.

Be safe and have fun!


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