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Toy: Decadent Indulgence Vibrator
Reviewer: YogaGrrl
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor WomenJelly
Overall rating:
  Decadent Indulgence VibratorDecadent Indulgence Vibrator at The Toy Chest

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Decadent Indulgence Vibrator

Date of review: 5/16/02

Overall ... A-
Sensation ... A
Appearance ... A+
Fit ... A+
Price ... C-
Ease of Use ... B+
Shopping Experience ... n/a

Date of acquisition: 5/9/02

Vendor: I tested a promotional model.

Price: The Decadent Indulgence vibe retails for anywhere between $70-$120, with $90 as a typical price tag. At the time of this review, The Toy Chest offers it for $76.95 + $5.00 shipping (UPS ground or USPS first class).

Dimensions: The insertable portion is 6" (15.2 cm) long and 1.25" (3.2 cm) wide. The distance between the tip of the shaft and the head of the clit stimulator is only 4" (10.2 cm) (which is great news for us smaller women with shorter-than-average vaginas). The total length including the battery case is 9.5" (24.1 cm), and the total width including the clit stimulator is nearly 3" (7.6 cm).

Color options: Lavender-pink only.

Material: Lightly scented jelly rubber, with a plastic battery case.

Why I chose this type of toy: This toy represented a last-ditch effort to find a vibrator that actually works for me. I've owned three vibrators previously, all highly rated models in the mid-price range ($25-$40), and each has disappointed me. Normally, my clitoris requires a firm rubbing sensation to achieve an orgasm, whereas the light buzzing of battery powered vibes leaves my nerve endings feeling jangled. I can climax with a vibrator if sufficiently aroused, but I typically have to add quite a bit of hand work as well, which in some respects defeats the purpose. I wanted to sample a luxury vibe before giving up on them all together.

Why I chose this particular model: Frankly, I chose this vibe from California Exotic Novelties only because I had a chance to try it for free. It promised several different sensations: "3 independent functions of shaft rotation and clitoral vibration, each with 8 levels of intensity for over 100 patterns of pure indulgence." The color and overall aesthetics also appealed to me. And for reasons that are too personal to discuss here, I have a strong fondness for hummingbirds (the clit stimulator is shaped like a hummingbird).

First experiences: The packaging is a sufficiently classy box (14" x 5" x 2") featuring photos of the toy and of a pretty brunette wearing a blue satin corset. Inside, an envelope of bubble wrap protects the toy. The batteries are not included, so you may wish to plan ahead and have four AA size batteries on hand (I'm glad I did!).

I decided to try the vibe solo before introducing it to partner play (almost always a good strategy). It took some fumbling to get the first battery in place, but the other three went in more easily. I started by simply playing with the controls. They might appear somewhat complicated at first, but I found them easy to master. Two buttons ("+" and "-") control the speed of the clit stimulator, two buttons ("+" and "-") control the linked rotations of the head and pressure beads, and one button controls the overall direction of movement (continuous, alternating slow, or alternating fast). With just a little practice, I was soon operating the five buttons smoothly even with my eyes closed.

I covered the shaft with a condom (see "Care" section below) and snuggled into my bed. I reclined on my back and turned the shaft rotator on its lowest setting. I had watched a good porno beforehand, so lube was not a problem. The vibe slid right in. I began to press the buttons instinctively to achieve the right sensations, and within about two minutes, I was already coming. It's all a blur to me now, but I believe I experienced three distinct orgasms in the span of a minute. I'm hardly ever multiorgasmic, so this left me completely stunned. Furthermore, this was only the third time I'd ever climaxed on my back during masturbation. Normally, I have to lie on my belly to apply adequate pressure. But the sensations from the vibe completely overwhelmed me, in a very positive way, before I even had a chance to roll over.

Naturally, as the queen of anal yoga, I also had to stick it in my ass. (Note that the clit stimulator provides a "flared base," which is a prerequisite for safe anal play.) The shaft was pretty slippery already, but I added a dollop of Slippery Stuff Gel just to be sure. I have enough practice in this realm that the toy inserted easily, but the motor was not strong enough to consistently rotate the shaft in the tighter anal space. The clit stimulator still worked fine, though. I let it tickle my butt crack while I laid on my stomach and rubbed my clit to yet another climax.

When I first showed my new toy to Mr. Yoga, he laughed and queried, "You're not going to replace me, are you?" Although he was only joking, some partners do find toys rather threatening at first. I was careful to introduce it to him at a nonsexual time, and I encouraged him to wrap his hand loosely around the shaft so he could better appreciate the sensation of the rotating pressure beads. He seemed comfortable enough with it that I put it in my bag for a weekend getaway to a romantic bed and breakfast.

We ended up using the vibe in a supported masturbation experience. We guided the shaft into my vagina together, and Mr. Yoga played with the buttons for several minutes before letting me take over. He then assisted by simply holding and touching me in loving ways. I felt too self-conscious to accomplish a full climax, but I did experience a few spontaneous single contractions in my pelvic floor. I was a split second away from coming while using the vibe anally, but I bore down a little too hard, and it flew out of my butt. I started laughing, which forestalled the orgasm, but I had a great time anyway.

Noise level: It would be an exaggeration to say this vibe is silent, but it's reasonably quiet for the strength of the motors. If I turn everything to full power, I can faintly hear the toy from two rooms away. If I put the toy under the sheets and close the bedroom door, however, it's practically inaudible to anyone standing outside. This is not a personal concern of mine, but it speaks well of the quality of the vibe. Please note that vibrator motors tend to get noisier with age.

Special considerations: Batteries should normally be removed from a vibe between uses to help preserve the life of the toy. Indeed, this is what the instructions on the bottom of the box advise. The potential problem with this vibe, however, is that the springs securing the negative battery terminals are rather flimsy. The backmost spring tends to bend over at an awkward angle as the battery is inserted. Use your own best judgment.

The shaft rotation seems to drain quite a bit of juice from the batteries; the power supply was already slightly erratic during my third session, and the vibe was noticeably underpowered at the end of my fourth use. It's unfortunate that an electrical adapter isn't included, since replacement batteries might be a significant ongoing expense. Also note that both motors run more slowly when operated in tandem than when used singly. I like to turn on the shaft motor first, since it dampens some of the rapid buzz of the clit motor (which otherwise immediately overstimulates me to the point of discomfort).

Care and durability: The easiest way to keep jelly rubber clean is to cover the toy with a condom. This prevents any bacteria from lodging in the microscopic pores. Just remove the condom when finished and give the vibe a light handwashing with antibacterial soap. Be careful not to submerge it in water. I learned the hard way (with a supposedly waterproof vibe) that any excessive moisture quickly corrodes and destroys the internal motors.

Battery vibes are notoriously fragile, so I am hesitant to comment on the durability of this particular model until I've had a chance to test it further. Except for the springs in the battery case, the Decadent Indulgence vibe appears to be reasonably well made. I will try to add a further report here in the future.

Final analysis: Although I still prefer the much subtler sensations of my Blowfish butt plug, the Decadent Indulgence vibrator is a fun and interesting addition to my toy box. My previous three battery powered vibes seem paltry in comparison, and I do believe I've been spoilt forever.

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