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Toy: Serenity's Sensual Feel Vagina VS Chloe's Sensual Feel Pocket Ass
Reviewer: Evil_Rip
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
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Serenityís Sensual Feel Vagina VS Chloeís Sensual Feel Pocket Ass.

When Steph asked me how these two would compare to each other, I thought to myself. Theyíd be the same feel different shaped hole.

Iím glad I was wrong.
Iím sure you out there have read Blondieís glowing review of the Vagina, and the in-house review at Adult Empire.

Well Iím going to expose the truth. LOL!

Anyways these two are cyberskin like toys.
Itís a masturbation sleeve.
One has a vagina shape and the other an Anus shaped opening. The feel to real skin is very good.

At first I was a bit disappointed by the Vagina it was very loose and I couldnít feel the full effects of the nodules.
Whereas the pocket ass well it was tight.
And for the first time with all the toys Iíve played with. It actually felt like ass. I felt like I was really fucking some ass.

Well they are not open-ended like most toys. This makes cleaning a bit difficult. And was a major complaint by the ADE reviewer. And itís usually my complaint as well except:

Here are three basic ways to use these two toys.
And youíll see why the closed ended design fits this toy well.

1. The basic stroke. You put it on. Grab the shaft and jerk. You have the nodules rubbing up and down your shaft not bad. Iím sure this is what most of you guys will probably do first. And maybe only do as was implied by the other.

2. You will put it on and use the base of the toy and move that up and down. It causes a bit more pressure at the toy opening. When youíre using the pocket ass it makes it feel even more like Anal sex. Itís been a really really long time since Iíve done that (1997 in case anyone cares) but itís pretty much what I remember.

3. Put it on pull it all the way down. Now your cock head should be pressed up against the back end. Now just rub your head. The nodules should be rubbing all over your cock head. Oh yeah baby. Itís intense.

Well after using the ass a few times in a row I got very sensitive. I wanted to go more but the ass just started to feel TOO tight at that point. Thatís when I slipped into the Vagina. And its looseness which was a complaint at first becomes a great relief.
These nodules are great addition and you can actually feel them.
The ass design is perfect. The entrance and feel is like the real thing maybe better.
The toys do retain heat if you soak them in warm water or sit next to a heater.

I donít recommend using them in the shower; it didnít work out for me. Baby oil as a lube also sucks. It works well with other cyberskin products not these. Water based lube is your best bet. And with these the water based stuff gives it a more natural feel then the super slippery baby oil.

So which is better you ask?
Well this weekend I used the pocket ass Four times and afterwards used the Vagina twice. When you got toys that feel this good you just canít help it.


Well I see signs that these toys will break apart. I do wash my toys after use. And the pocket ass is a bit more difficult to clean do the tiny anus. You have to spread the opening a bit to get the water in. Whereas the vaginaís big hole always water to flow in easily. (And for you younger readers, Real Vaginaís arenít gaping holes.)
The shaft could have been made a little thicker and possibly tighter. But the thickness would help when using method #2 from above. As it will probably rip first from use.

Bottom Line:

If you can afford it; Get both. Chloeís Pocket Ass is great. I donít like to say this but itís A VIRGIN ASS every time. Serenityís Sensual Vagina is one helleva vagina. This could use a tighter shaft to make it feel more like a real vagina.
-1 point for durability issues. Thicker shafts on both will fix it.

What would I like to see next?
Theyíve got the ass down perfect!
The Vagina it needs to have the shaft be tighter. Well to be more like a real lady the sides should be touching so when you enter it the sides move apart like real flesh.
So if they could combine the two and make a free standing version it would be great!

Final word:

Donít be afraid to masturbate in different ways. Use your other hand. Just rub your head, or only massage the inside of your foreskin.

And donít forget to WASH YOUR TOYS!!

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