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Toy: Love Dome Vibe/Memo Recorder
Reviewer: dumblonde
Categories:Gag Gifts / GamesVibrating
Overall rating:
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The Love Dome vibe/Memo Recorder

*TYPE: gag gift/novelty/hard plastic vibe
*SIZE: vibe = 7 1/2" overall = 9"
*BATTERIES: recorder comes with batteries included, looks like 4 calculator type. Vibe needs 2 C type (not included).
*NOISE FACTOR: for this type, average
*PRICE: $17.95
*REASON FOR PURCHASE: wondering why myself *BANG FOR YOUR BUCK **

O.K., I had thought I'd seen everything, so when I came upon this, I just had to have it. Even though this type of plastic vibe is not one I would normally buy, I figured the recorder would at least be useful, and perhaps it would make a cute stocking-stuffer or 'gag' gift for the next bachelorette party.

Actually, I didn't even test drive the vibe part, except to turn it on to check the noise level. We all know how these work, and if you're shopping for that type, you can find ones a lot cheaper. The memo recorder however, works pretty well, by depressing a small button and speaking for 10 seconds, you can leave your wife or GF a personal note. Your message is played back when the vibe is lifted off the base, and again when put back. This could be fun the first few times, but the novelty wears off fairly quickly, so thankfully it has an on/off switch on the bottom. You could replace the vibe with some other round object ( one of the C batteries?) and continue to use the recorder around the house, although the sound quality is pretty poor.

I do find these type of memo recorders handy, and keep one in my car for random thoughts. Granted, it doesn't have a vibrator attached, but I have seen a dc vibe that plugs into your car lighter socket. Hmm...sure would make those long commutes more enjoyable, maybe I'll be reviewing one of those soon!

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