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Toy: Houston Pro Series Oral Satisfier
Reviewer: Donny Ray
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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Well, let me tell you, this toy sure does Suck, just not in the way they intended. It's the old-fashioned kind of sleeve, with the Big, Bad nodules inside, which has been far outclassed by newer toys and "skins." I also found the hole to be a little on the too small/tight side(I am of average manhood.) It ends up functioning more the way a cock ring would instead of "the ultimate b--wj-b experience" as the box says. The best thing about it are the pictures of Houston on the packaging. So I'd really skip this one. The only interesting thing about it is that it makes a fairly realistic sucking sound when you use it, but I doubt they really intended it to be that way. Look elsewhere, mouthlovers.

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