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Toy: Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Ikyoto
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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Ok, real simple... it's meant to get you off and it does that rather well.

The firmness of the material makes it jiggel and bounce when screwing, but not to the point you'd thing "hmmm... maybe this bitch should lay of the ice cream". If you've ever felt the ass on a well rounded cheerleader you know just what this feels like.

The thing is fragile - don't think it's made for your dick, a vibrator and a spare fist... The vaginal opening did tear a little on mine, but not too bad and the anus... well... No problems with constipation.

But the feel of both openings is outstanding! My wife is glad I got it - Now if I'm only interested in plain old fucking without cuddling or anything other than popping a rock, I have this to use.

Hints on use: a hot bath (the hotest YOU can stand) will get it up to heat rather well. Do NOT over heat it as it will deform! Keep unscented talc around. The material on most of these products is not flesh, but an feel like a smooth ass if you powder it.

And there is a "drain" hole. Use this on a towel unless you don't mind stains and wet spots!

Get one. They are pricey, but the only thing better is a Realdoll.. and unlike another reviewer who made the same remark, I do have one. This is far more afordable and for getting off, just as good.

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