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Toy: Asia Carrera Love Doll
Reviewer: Joe
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Love DollsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Asia Carrera Love DollAsia Carrera Love Doll at Adult DVD Empire

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This is a pretty neat doll. The vagina and anus can be taken out and just used as 'sleeves'. Or you can leave them in and have fun. Getting the 'sleeves' back into the doll is kind of difficult just have to push them in. The material that the vagina and anus 'sleeves' are made out of are really neat. They feel really good and can stretch a lot with out breaking...I even turned one inside out for the hell of it. On my doll, however, the hole for the vagina was messed wasn't properly made...I didn't get any customer service from the place I bought it from...but oh well. I figure I can just cut a hole myself...but the anus 'sleeve' feels great anyways. The 'life-like' head is pretty nice too, seems kinda heavy to me though. I've never seen a doll with a maniquin head before. It looks good...and the mouth feels nice and is made to vibrate and there is a little pump to add pressure...uh, however, I think I'm a bit big for the mouth. The breasts feel pretty good...they were more than I had expected. They are simply air in them, but they are made of a different material that feels good. The overall shape of the doll is good too.

My overall rating is 4.5 for the fact that the materials used are of good quality, the head/face is pretty, the shape of the body and breasts are good. It gets .5 points marked off because of the faulty vagina.

That's all!

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