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Toy: Artillery Shell
Reviewer: Chris
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Anal ToysButt PlugsVibrating
Overall rating:
  Artillery Shell Butt PlugArtillery Shell Butt Plug at Five Star

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Where do you start with the Artillery Shell review?

My wife and I went shopping at a small shop to see what they had. It was the first time we had been there and we honestly weren't really looking to add to our toy collection. However, she found a toy that she thought looked interesting. We decided to go ahead and get it for her.

We looked awhile longer and just as we were getting ready to go pay for hers she saw the Artillery Shell.

"I bet even YOU couldn't handle THAT."
We've been into anal play for a long time and she likes to push my limits.

I looked it over and decided to give it a whirl saying "whatever, I bet I can". It was marked down to $15.00 so what the hell.

When we got home that night (rather late) we decided to hold off on trying them out but the next evening we were right on them. She said immediatly "I want to see you try this one out".

We broke out the ID silicone based lube (doesn't get absorbed and dry up as fast as water based but still isn't perfect) and lubed the toy really well. She then took on the job of lubing me.

After trying to figure out the best way to handle the sitution we decided to put a towell across the bed rail and place it on there so I could straddle it.

15 minutes later I still did not have it all the way in. I was SO close. The box claims the widest point to be 200mm which is equivelant to 2 inches wide. I didn't think that it would take so long to handle it but I finally did after about 25 minutes. When it finally went in I almost had an orgasm right there on the spot. It hurt but felt good at the same time (as anyone into anal play can understand).

We used it for quite awhile but grew tired of it. Though she did then move to some fisting fun which the toy made mucho easier. To sum up the toy I'll give the good and the bad of it.

Good: Its big but shaped in a way that you can control how wide it is just by controlling how far you put it it in.

It is made of silicone and easy to clean. It also doesn't smell as strong as some sex toys out there do.

Works well for its intended job but has some bad sides too.

Bad: The portion down low is not really deep enuf or the right length for your sphincter to hold due to the outright large size of the toy. Unless you have an "anus of steel" you won't be holding this toy in as you could with a standard plug.

The vibrator (basically a large egg inside) is relatively weak or just doesn't transmit the vibrations very well. This even with a two AA battery pack.

The multi-speed control for the vibe is really unnecasary as anything but the highest setting can't really be felt much.

I HATE the box. Seems any anal toy directly sold for men has to push for the homosexual approach. I'm not a shy type but I don't like having to go buy a toy and feeling like the person waiting on me thinks I'm gay. Thankfully my wife was present. Some guys might totally avoid this great toy all together for this reason unless they can mail order it.

That is pretty much my best review of this toy. I know its not much but you can only say so much about something that isn't really any more technical than this is.

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