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Toy: Kobe Tai's Ultra Realistic Pussy And Ass
Reviewer: darkcloud
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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This toy is awesome! It looks sooo real, Kobe Tai's ass is very nice. The new UR3 cyberskin is incredible, very soft and smooth. Touching and grabbing this "ass" feels so damn real! It dont come with a vibrator but it has a "vib hole" on bottom.

This is the first vagina with internal structure support to simulate bones and cartlidges. The support structure feels like hard rubber and gives the toy structural integrity. So it won't mush up when the user lays on top of it. The inner structure makes the toy feel even more real, ensures durability, and allows hand-held operation. This is important because a toy of this size and weight will surely tear apart especially with "movements." This toy is just like its ancestor Juli Ashton's Pussy And Ass but greatly improved with inner structure support.

Kobe Tai's Pussy And Ass feels nice and heavenly tight. The canal length is very adequate, 8.5 inches. The anus hole is great for adding lubricant! The user can add drops of lubricant into the anus without pulling out.

Overall this is one of the BEST vagina, but a bit pricey at $150. The company that makes Fleshlight makes a vagina named The Little Woman, it is the best vagina but with a $1000 price tag, Kobe Tai's Pussy And Ass is well worth it. If you want a vagina, get this one. If you want a sleeve type masturbator, get the fleshlight (Fleshlight is better than most vaginas). Don't get those cheap vagina, they don't work well and don't last long.

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