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Toy: Jenteal Ultra-Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Reviewer: darkcloud
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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This is Jenteal's vagina and anus. Its designed for hands-free missionary sex. Although hand-held operation is possible, but this will cause the toy to break apart faster!

The rubber material height between the top canal and top of the toy is about half inch. Between the bottom canal and the bottom of the whole toy is about quarter inch. So the bottom part of the toy, particular between the vagina and anus, breaks apart easily and the vagina and anus will become "one big hole".

The material feels awesome and this sex toy works and feels very well (when new), but its longevity is very short.
Overall dont waste money on this toy.

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