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Toy: Love Swing
Reviewer: dumblonde
Manufacturer: TopCo
Categories:FurnitureFor Couples
Overall rating:
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It could be because the holidays are coming up that I've noticed a renewed interest in love swings, so I thought it would be a good time to give this item an in-depth review. Those of you who have read the thread on these already know the importance of ceiling joists, and the expense and embarrassment of having to hire drywallers, so I won't go over that unfortunate mishap again. But once the swing's hardware is set up properly & secure, let the good times begin!

The Love Swing

*TYPE: Hmm... recreational equipment?
*SIZE: Folded, can fit into a small carry-on bag. The metal chains will get you busted on the x-ray belt everytime - but don't worry, you'll never see these people again, anyway.
*PRICE: $85.00 - $150. I believe I paid $125. a few years ago.
*EXTRA FEATURES: adjustable leg stirrups, eyebolts & all hardware included.
*NOISE FACTOR: While hanging it up, the heavy chain rattling will probably have the neighbors avoiding you for a while - but who cares? Your screams of extasy later on will only confirm their fears.
*REASON FOR PURCHASE: New positions for sex!
*BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: ****. 4 1/2 stars

There are a few different styles of these, and I can only comment on mine, but basically they all do the same thing: get you in position for some hot, pounding sex. Most are made of a very strong nylon webbing, and will probably last forever, or at least long enough to hand down to the grandkids.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars, to be honest, is because it's not as comfortable as it could be, although you can easily add padding to your liking. The webbing is wide enough, but it can chafe a tender-skin like me. Once you climb into it and get situated, your ease-of-movement is pretty limited, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - unless you see Ed Powers coming at you, of course.

It takes some experimenting and adjusting to find the right height, angles, etc. for whatever activity you have in mind, but this is where the swing excels. There's nothing like lowering it to about 8" off the floor, right above your partner's face, who can lay there all comfy & munch away without being suffocated. Just the way you're positioned in the swing leaves your pussy VERY accessible.

There's all kinds of crazy positions you can get into - but my favorite is having the guy stand in front, with my legs spread wide & high in those stirrups, and bouncing off his dick, weightless & with little effort - this something that I urge everyone to experience (well, the girls anyway! But guys, you're not exactly going to be complaining, either, especially because just standing there with a hard-on and a few hip thrusts, you're going to give her the fuck of her life! And did I mention that your dick is going to feel twice as big to her?)

My swing is suspended by three separate chains, each adjustable. Most of the swings I've seen on the net lately look to require one ceiling eyebolt only, and also have a 'grab bar', which would come in quite handy.

The usability of this device is very high. This is not something you'll use once or twice then forget about. For the new dimension & possibilities it will add to your sexlife, the $100. is money well spent indeed.

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