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Toy: Cassidey All American Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Jay
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Cassidy PussyCassidy Pussy at Adult DVD Empire

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[Please note: I originally posted a similar review of this toy at Though the review was favorable, the editors of that site edited out any negative comments I had about the toy to make it seem like a sure-buy, presumably to increase their sales in an unethical manner. Do NOT trust reviews written at that site!]

Cassidey's All-American Pussy & Anus, typically retailing at over $100, is a substantial investment for the masturbation enthusiast. Barring arguments that artifical vaginas are overpriced as a whole, this is a toy that is worth the added cost over less expensive toys on the market.

Included in the package are the vagina/anus, a vibrating egg that requires two AA batteries, and lubricant. The accessories are of typical quality: the egg has multiple speeds, the fastest of which is intense, and the lube gets the job done, but neither are better than anything you could buy separately in the store.

The toy itself is made from a new material known as UR3. This is by far an improvement over some of the harder rubbers that have been used on other models of vaginas -- though UR3 still does not feel like actual flesh, it is soft and smooth to the touch. Unfortunately, there is a heavy factory-manufactured scent to the toy that has not considerably faded after multiple uses and washings. The material should not be heated in an oven or left in direct sunlight, as cautioned by directions, but does retain mild heat reasonably well.

Visually, the toy seems to be a very accurate representation of the star after whom it was molded, topped with a very faint smattering of pubic hair that is more realistic than the "toupees" found on other toys. The coloration, however, is somewhat plain and monochromatic -- there is little variation in skin tone around the labia and anus.

Using the toy is extremely pleasurable. The creators included the "cherry" for the sensation of being "her" first, but in all honesty the tightness you encounter when you initially enter will trump any mild sensations such as this. The material retains lubricant quite well, as in each use I've only had to apply once to the openings I utilized and to my penis -- reapplications were never necessary. The toy indeed lives up to any "hands-free" billing it has advertised, as it is heavy enough to lay still without sliding around and is an excellent approximation of real intercourse when laid atop a pillow. Both entries wind up leading to the same tight tube/cavern/tunnel inside the toy, which expands just enough to accomodate your penis. Immediately during and after orgasm, you'll feel the walls contracting around your penis for a very pleasurable sensation. Coupled with the close seal formed at the entries due to the natural tightness of the toy, I've experienced some extremely intense orgasms.

Durability of the toy is questionable. Though the vaginal opening has held up well, the anal entry is close to the bottom of the toy and thus is not supported by as much material. The anal entry after my first use, was torn very minorly, almost imperceptibly, and has not worsened in subsequent entries. It should be noted however, that I am of below average size and that larger users may experience more tearing here.

Cleaning the toy is performed with a mild soap and water, though the entries intended for intercourse and the exit at the top end of the toy make it difficult to do the hygenic scrubbing and drying that should be performed after each use. Customers will have to be patient with this toy if they want to adequately clean it after climax.

Overall, the the Cassidey All-American Pussy and Anus is not without its flaws but is extremely pleasurable to use. I would heartily recommend it over lower priced toys on the market. I'll be using mine for as long as it holds up.

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