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Toy: Venus 2000
Reviewer: Evil_Rip
Categories:Penis SleevesFor MenVibrating
Overall rating:
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Venus 2000 - The Review
Update: See Venus 2000 Part 2 (with pictures)

Well folks this is my first toy review.
I'd like to first give thanks to dumblonde, Steph and Abco for making this possible.

So what is the Venus?

Well its supposed to be the male equivalent of the sybian. As you've probably already have read the Sybian is fantastic. So much so blondy couldn't give it up.
The Venus is an interesting thing. It is unlike anything I've used or seen before.

The measurements.

Well guys in order to get one you have to give out your most intimate measurements.
They ask for four different girth measurements as well as length.
They want you to measure to the nearest 1/4 inch. Don't exaggerate or it won't fit you properly is what they say. As well as don't Underestimate yourself, be as accurate as possible. 1. They ask for the measurement around your head.
2. Immediately behind your head
3. 1" above the base
4. At the base
5. Length of your penis.
I measure length from the pubic bone.

So what are your stats?

HaHA! Like I'd tell you!

After you've gained the courage to measure yourself and send this information off to a sex toy company, the product you receive'll pleasantly surprise you.

Well my first experience was well interesting. It's kind of a learning experience putting the receiver on.
For me it works best if I push the receiver down to the hilt of my cock. So that all of me is inside the receiver.
No you don't have to have an erection to use it. Usually I stick it in when I'm soft.

So I lubed it up. A water based lube, which dries out and you have to apply more. Using the main receiver you can adjust how much it strokes your cock. And how fast it strokes. I kept it at a very short stroke then set out to test these speeds.
It claims from 8 strokes a minute up to a mind blowing 300 strokes.

What did I find?

Well I find with enough lube and a slow stroke the Venus feels like it's giving you a nice slow blowjob. Sweet! I kept it at that for a while. Then I decided that I wanted to see what it felt like when it goes faster.

Well at the faster settings it no longer felt like a blowjob.
I suppose it felt like a girl riding you but not quite. Its not that it didn't feel good, It did. It's just that it's a feeling that I can't describe.
Well I then pumped up the Venus to its maximum. Yup I had it going at 300 poundings per minute.
Okay at first it was like, Ha! Is that all you got?
Well after about 30 seconds it hits me. And I'm all like ohhh shit!
I have to turn it down a bit. It's slapping my balls too hard.
Well I'm near that point. And I think I want to turn it down to a slower setting so I don't spoil my fun too soon.
But I drop the remote and the dial moves and the thing speeds up. I can't reach the remote in time.
Let me say, I let out one hellava moan.
I am very silent and the last time I moaned out loud was doing my Ex in the ass for the first time.
Well unlike a partner this device is a machine and it kept going. It's just too wild!

1. It plugs into the wall
2. It keeps going after you finish.

I know a lot of guys like that weird pleasure / pain thing that happens when you blow your load. Your cock becomes super sensitive and everything that happens to it is at like 100x intensity. It feels sooooooo good it hurts. Well I don't think I'll forget my first time with this machine. So far so good.

Extended Review:

Let me go into detail the pleasures of each of the peripheral devices. I have gotten the instructions and learned a thing or two.

The Receiver:

This is the main item you'll be using. It's a long tube that made to fit your proportions.
What can you do with it?

Well if you can have an erection on your own then you can use this by yourself without the Venus.

But it is best when used with the Venus. You can use this with or without an erection. That's right you can use it with no erection at all.

Do to an enormous amount of stress in my life I haven't had a good erection in months. Or if I do have a good one it's at a time when I can't do anything about it. ( like during a meeting, or while driving).
With this toy, no this miracle I could have some nice orgasms without a full erection.

What does this do that you can't do yourself?
Simple it keeps going when you can't.

First when you can't have an erection and therefore no orgasms you get frustrated. It makes the stresses in life even more stressful.
What the receiver does is rub your cock up and down. If lubed up right and at the right speed it can feel like a sloppy wet blowjob. While your cock is inside it creates a vacuum seal and doesn't let go.
It does take some getting use to. Once you've mastered putting it on you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Why is it better than your hands? You get tired and depressed when you can't get it up. You have to stop cuz your arms are burning and you can't keep jacking your softy. And you feel bad because you can't get it up anymore. No relief tonight.

But with the Venus on your side. She keeps going. You can lay down on the bed and read a book, or porn. You can sit at the computer and surf the net or play a game of Duke Nukem'.

I prefer to just lay in bed. And it's amazing after awhile you start to feel it. Your body gets to that verge of orgasm and you want it blow. You debate, should I turn up the juice or should I just enjoy this sensation a bit longer.

You decide to prolong the sweet agony.
Now when you're on the verge you can do either of three things
1. Keep it at the same stroke speed.
2. Slow it down a bit and enjoy that slow stroking
3. My favorite, turn it up full blast.
Now what do you do when you let it go? Turn off the Venus? Or just keep it going.
I let it keep going. This is what it's all about!

A male sex toy that you plug into the wall and it keeps going! I've let it go a few times long enough to have a second orgasm. Let me tell you those are the ones that are really intense if you can stomach the sensitivity pain.

Well after a few weeks of using this and the pump (I'll talk about that latter). I could finally get a reliable erection.

Any differences with using it with an erection?
Yes a variety of positions can be used. They just feel more comfortable to do with an erection. It's a more firmer feeling and not wobbling all over as it strokes you.

What's a really interesting position is to get on all fours and lower your face into the pillow. This is a position I don't think you could do in real life. It feels really good. Not too much pain when it slaps your balls.

What's another good feeling, although probably dangerous if not done right. Hook-up the receiver and place it on your cock then stand on your head. Wow the orgasmic head rush is simply astounding. Don't try this at home.

Which opening do you use?

You can put the suction stopper on either opening. For the first couple of weeks I put the cap on the top of the device near the hose. Latter on I put the hose end near my body and the cap at the other end. Does it make a difference? Yes! For me the suction end was a bit tighter and I could control the stroke length easier. So it was a welcome surprise. Great!

The Pump:

What does the pump do? Like any other pump. You produce a vacuum and it "enlarges" your penis. And you can have it jerk you while you're hard inside.

That was the best part. I used it to expand my cock so I'd have an "erection." Then I'd turn the venus on and it would jerk me.

Don't cum inside the Pump. You don't want any moisture getting into the vacuum system.

For me this was erection strengthening. After a few weeks of using this and standing in a variety of positions so that it felt weighted down. I used the pump effect once every three days. Having a tight vacuum and just holding it for 15 minutes. Then letting it jack me for about 10-15 minutes. So basically for me 30 minutes of use once ever three days brought my cock back to life. I've gotten pretty good erection strength back.

Does it make your cock bigger?
From everything we know pumping effects are temporary. But I'll say its made the tissues stronger and I can function again.

The Head Massager/ Nipple Sucker:

Okay this is the same device. Only difference is you take out the elastic material if you want to use it as a nipple sucker. OR so they say. You can leave it in and have it suckle your nips instead. You can also have it suck on your balls.

It comes with a special Y-tube so you can have it suck or suckle both your nipples at once. I sometimes have it suck my nuts, but only briefly. It's kind of painful for me to have to play with the nuts. Too sensitive, But it can be good. Or you can have once suck your nuts and the other suck your cock.

This is actually my favorite device. The manual says you can't actually have it stay on your cock. But with practice you can use it with the black cap on.

Oh let me explain these sucking actions occur when you attach the black cap on top. It provides the suction effect.

With the head massager it's a bit more difficult. The Head massager is not very long. It pretty much only covers your head. With practice I've been able to put it on and have it stay on.

So why is that good?

With enough lube and the right speed its like someone is sucking hard on your head! It squeezes very hard. And with this I can attach it and have it go on for hours. Actually the longest I've kept it on is an hour and a half. Why's this different than the receiver? It only massages and strokes the head. It's more intense. If you do kegels while its on it forces blood into your cock making your head fatter and more pleasureable. I alternate turning the speed up and down. Usually staying somewhere in the middle. Then turning it up super fast at the end and let it keep going until the massager pops off.

For me these are so intense. For some reason I always want to try putting it on and letting it go all night while I sleep. I tell you I've never done that. And second I wouldn't recommend it. But a guy can dream.
I do sleep well afterwards. =)

Third Party Accessories:

So with a device this good what can make it better?

Well if you watch the following movie:
(movie removed due to bandwidth stealing problems.)

You'll see I placed a cyberskin mouth on top of the receiver. And when I placed my finger at the mouth opening it started sucking my finger.

Yes men its true. With the cyberskin attachment and the receiver. You'll actually have something that sucks your cock. If you keep your tip at the opening it sucks it. If you insert your cock in the mouth it feels oddly interesting as it strokes up and down your cock.

What's beneficial with the attachment is when you use the receiver at higher speeds it doesn't hurt your testicles as much. You can get into bed and arch your body backwards from the kneeling position. And its so good.

What other things can you add?

Cock rings. I'm sure there are other things but I haven't gotten that creative yet. There's no need to yet.


It came with ID glide Sensual Lubricant. Basically it's a water based lube. So I think any water based lube will do.

I've also tried skin lotion. I don't recommend it at all. Sure it feels almost as good as the water lube but the cleanup is a hundred times worse.

I've also used some baby oil. Baby Oil isn't really meant to be used with latex. And it makes it too slippery. So I stay with the water lube.

Water lube is sticky and dries quickly but it works best.

Uhmmm, can you put it on while you sleep?

What? Oh of course I've tried but You can't go to sleep with it on. The receiver or the head massager is just too much stimulation. You could probably sleep with the pump on you, but that is really dangerous.

That mouth shaped cyberskin is interesting. Have you tried kissing it?

Huh? Kiss a plastic thing? Are you kidding? Well, in the name of "science" I'll try almost anything once.

Well the cyberskin mouth and receiver provide a suction effect that does feel like someone sucking on you. Now for kissing is sometimes sucking right? Well I washed everything thoroughly before attempting. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It can suck on your tongue. And the cyberskin warms up. So you do feel like you're kissing. It's not bad at all. It's not great either. But Hey gives you some practice I guess. Yeah I felt freaky at first but hey this is the 21st century, and we've got machine's doing the "work" for us anyway. ;)

Ideas/Suggestions for improvement:

Cyberskin attachments that are designed to stay on the receivers.
Or receivers made out of cyber sking.

A new type receiver that squeezes you tight at the base and slides up to the base of your cock head. Like a ring inside that goes up and down.

A possible anal type device that pumps in and out. And still have another attachment to suck on your cock.

The final Stats:

So how does this baby rate?
The Venus does so many things.
It can suck you off, It can fuck you hard, it can suck on your nipples, it increases your erections over time, it possibly can make your cock larger, it can kiss you, it doesn't ridicule you for lasting a few minutes, or complain when you go on for hours. It's never selfish and is always ready when you're ready. You don't have to worry about not fitting, because it's made just for you. It's your perfect fit. With that said:

Orgasmic factor: 5 Stars
Overall: 4.5 Stars

Any questions?

Email me at

Or send your questions to Steph at
and she'll send them to me anonymously.

And be sure to stay tuned, as I'll have pictures and movies of the device.

Be sure to read Venus 2000 Part 2 (with pictures)

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