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Toy: Paddle
Reviewer: -lunacy-
Categories:Bondage GearFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Naughty Naughty, You deserve a Spanking!

Toy: Paddle
Manufacturer: Lifeís Temptations,
Price: $22.95
I think itís Worth: $20
Size: 16 1/2 inches long by 2 x ľ wide and ľ inch thick
Pleasure Stars: 3.9 of 5

A Carlton series paddle from LifesTemptations was recently added to Saki and Iís toybox, which of course meant a try it out night was in order.

Neither one of us being of the S&M persuasion, nor into painful pleasure we both looked at it with some apprehensions for a couple days as it sat menacingly on the coffee table. But tonight as we headed upstairs I grabbed it as I walked by and decided it was time to overcome our fears. (wink, wink nudge, nudge)

The paddle it self is constructed of a flexible plastic material, with a soft, silky nylon cord on the handle. Itís sturdy yet at the same time surprisingly flexible. It makes a very satisfying smack sound with out the huge pain that comes from a solid wood paddle so as beginners this was a good choice.

After a couple tentative pats on the rump we got a little more adventurous, adding a little more swing to the paddle each time. The paddle creates a sharp sting with contact, then as the sting fades a warm tingling sensation replaces it.

We traded places to be fair and started exploring other areaís of use. A couple firm pats on the cock, a little rubbing across the nipples; I could certainly see where this could become very erotic.

Overall, Iíd give this one a 3.9 of 5 stars. Itís well constructed, seems to be very sturdy, (itís not going to break and splinter on your partnerís ass) and looks wise, itís not too intimidating. Itís would be a great beginners paddle, perfect for someone curious about adding paddling to their sexual repertoire, and not wanting to spend a huge amount of money to experiment.
I think for people hardcore into paddling and/or S&M they would be looking for something more substantial like the maple (listed on their website) or the oak line (listed in their paper catalog) of paddles Lifeís Temptations offers.

I was reviewing their website and found they offer some very interesting furniture as well...

In the words of Lifeís Temptations, ďHappy Spanking!Ē

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