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Toy: Wrap-Around Sallie
Reviewer: Dicky
Categories:Penis SleevesFor Men
Overall rating:
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This is quite a good toy, worth the money. It is made from "Soft Touch", one of the super stretchy materials common now. The ribbing is good for 2 reasons: it provides stimulating texture, and very importantly, it holds lube so it all doesn't dry out during use.

I've used it most with water based lubes, but enjoy it most with Albolene (makeup remover, lighter than vaseline). I always wash it with soap and water and it's holding up well.

What does it feel like? It's similar to the feeling of vaginal intercourse, but the texture makes it make a little "zip" sound and vibration as it goes on and off, when you use a water based lube. Which feels great, but not "life like". With Albolene, the ribbing gets "filled up" with lube, and no zipping occurs -- instead you get a creamy, heavier sensation, my favorite. With vaseline it is even heavier friction, a bit like anal sex using vaseline as a lube.

If your penis is <= 6" long, I recommend trimming the end of this toy so the head "pops" out easily. If you're sporting a 7+ incher, no need.

I've never had any trouble having a good orgasm with this toy. Fine tune with lube you like, and you won't either.

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