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Toy: Nikki Tyler Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Reviewer: Johnny
Manufacturer: Vivid
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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I saw another review of this product and thought I would offer my opinions on it as well.

I found it to be pretty enjoyable. It doesn't necessarily feel "real", but it feels quite good.

I have a larger than average penis (not bragging, just pointing it out for purposes of reviewing the product), and find I definitely need to lube myself and the product quite well to be able to penetrate it. Once inside, I can glide in and out easily. The ass is definitely tighter than the pussy, and I find it a bit too tight for me. There is a opening at the end of the cavity inside that the other reviewer mentioned as the place to put the vibrating egg. I find it much more enjoyable to put the egg into the oriface that you aren't using at the moment. If you are using the pussy, insert it into the anus, and vice versa. That way, you get much more vibration on your penis.

For me, when I push all the way, the head of my penis comes out the hole at the end. That works out pretty well for 2 reasons. 1) You get a little extra penetration sensation. 2) During orgasm, I can push my penis all the way out and cum onto a tissue or whatever, which makes cleanup much easier than cumming inside of it.

This is the only "fake pussy" I have ever used, but I find it pretty enjoyable. It is showing signs of wear however, but hopefully it will hold up. I'd like to try other similar products to compare this one too, but until then, I'll be enjoying this one.

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