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Toy: Nikki Tyler Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus
Reviewer: Guy in Oregon
Manufacturer: Vivid
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
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This was my very first sex toy. I've been curious about artificial vaginas and set out on the Internet to do some research. I really wish I would have found this site before buying this toy or I would have bought something different.

The Nikki Tyler – Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Anus From Vivid Toys looks great, everything from the lips to the color of the skin. It comes with a multi-speed vibrator that is actually quite powerful, a small bottle of Vivid Girls lube, and an "Autographed" photo of Nikki Tyler.

After the package arrived, I took it out of the box to see how real it actually was. Everything matched the looks of the descriptions on the box except the pubic hair, which looked fake like something you would see on a doll. One thing that really disappointed me was the actual feel of the toy. It seemed ruff and hard. Even though I was a bit disappointed, I decided to try it out.

The lube that came with the toy is very sticky and dries up very quickly. I recommend throwing this stuff away and buying a better quality jelly.

The first thing I noticed were that the lips of the vagina were really tight together and almost impossible to pull apart. The lips were also very thick and almost felt like I was trying to have sex with a chunk of plastic, instead of the advertised “realistic Softouch™ material.”

The cavity of the vagina isn’t a solid tube. It opens up to a hollow space where the vagina and anus meet. This causes very little friction except at the opening of the lips, which eventually ripped open further making it not so realistic any more.

The anus was a bit better giving better friction since it was a bit tighter. Extra lube is needed to penetrate this part. The only problem I found with the anus is that it is impossible to use it hands free since it’s so close to the bed or floor. Overall the "hands free" claim is bogus. The toy wants to slide all over the place and is impossible to keep still.

The vibrator made things more confusing. I've never had a real pussy that vibrated, so why should a realistic one do it? On the back of the toy there is a small hole where the egg of the vibrator slips in. I found that after a while the egg wants to fall out. The hole on the back is off the left of the vaginal cavity, so when having sex with it you are only getting vibration sensations from the left side, which felt more weird than good.

I gave it a 2 1/2 rating just because after hours of fighting with it I was finally able to get off and it looks good. The price ranges that I've seen for this toy are anywhere from $250 to $70. Either way it’s not worth it. If I were to pay anything for this chunk of hard plastic it would be in the price range of $20. My suggestion is to never buy something that advertises "All New Softouch™ material", because it just isn’t soft. The Nikki Tyler - "Realistic Vibrating Vagina & Anus" looks real, but is far from it. I hope this was of some help and will save someone a big waste of money.

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