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Toy: Devinn Lane's Double Pleasure
Reviewer: Trunks
Manufacturer: Wicked
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstarVibrating
Overall rating:
  Devinn Lane Double PleasureDevinn Lane's Double Pleasure at Gamelink

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I think this is the ideal sex toy. And the best one in this price range. It is relatively small, pretty to look at, works great for its intended purpose, and is a breeze to clean when you are done. It is also relatively easy to store.

If I could only have one sex toy, I would get this one. Weighing all the factors, I think this one comes out on top. There are other toys outside of this toy's price range that do offer added fun and excitement beyond what the Devinn Lane's Double Pleasure can for various reasons (e.g., the Juli Ashton Pussy and Ass has more heft and more extensive size and realism). But these toys are also more expensive and come included with negatives as a result of some of their positives (e.g., the Juli Ashton Pussy and Ass is big and cumbersome and hard to store).

For about $100 Devinn Lane's Double Pleasure is an exceptionally fine sex toy and beats other comparably priced sex toys hands down. I recommend it above all others if you are looking for only one reasonably priced toy that performs great and/or want something discrete and easily put away when you are done with it.

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