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Toy: Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Pussy and Anus
Reviewer: Trunks
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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This toy is awesome! It looks realistic. It has some nice heft to it. You don't feel like your necessarily just banging a piece of rubber. And it is a lot more fun to have sex with than a lot of the other toys I've used.

The negatives of this toy are of course the price. But it also is big and cumbersome to hold. This makes it slightly hard to clean because the material can tear if it's handled roughly. Also, it being so big makes it hard to store.

In the $200-$250 price range, this is a great sex toy. Perhaps one of the best. I suppose the only thing better would be a Real Doll. But who can afford those? I sure can't.

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