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Toy: Vibrating Cock Ring
Reviewer: Dumblonde
Categories:Cock RingsFor MenVibratingFor Couples
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Vibrating Cock Ring

*TYPE: vibrating plastic cock ring
*SIZE: expandable ring, bullet 11/4" x 21/2"
*BATTERIES: 2 AA (not incl.)
*EXTRA FEATURES: variable speed, 'glows in the dark'
*PRICE: $7.95


Let's face it folks - there are male toys and female toys, and finding one that is capable of pleasuring both at the same time is as elusive as that simultaneous orgasm. Sextoys are, by their nature, meant to be enjoyed by one person at a time. Like bicycles, very few are built for two. There is a reason for this. This toy tries to bridge the gap, and while I applaud the effort, it just didn't do it for me or my partner, who I had a hard time convincing to give it a try in the first place, not that I blame him.

It's a hard plastic vibrating bullet that sits atop an attached adjustable plastic cock ring. The idea is to pleasure his cock and your clit with vibrations at the same time, as well as turning his hard-on into a 3500 rpm pneumatic mantool. Well, it's loud enough, but pretty weak. This is also assuming he can maintain an erection after strapping on this cumbersome and rather scary looking device, which is not helped by the female erupting into gales of laughter, as I found out. This was even before the device was switched ON, mind you. Up full throttle, the sight and sound of that thing coming toward me was almost frightening - I was reminded of a scene from 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', which naturally brought forth another fit of hilarity. Although my partner was a good sport about it, he didn't think it quite as funny as I did for some reason, so I managed to pull myself together long enough to give it a serious tryout.

Well, we finally tested it fully, and surprize!. I was not impressed. It just felt odd, in the way, and unnecessary. I won't even repeat my partner's mini-review, although once he took it off, we quickly forgot about it. Did I mention the attached battery pack, which can also be problematic in placement? Or, that it glows in the dark? Why it has this feature is beyond me, as I'm sure people across the street would be able to find it, simply by following the loud buzzing noise.

The ad at the online toy store read: "This glow in the dark cock ring has many advantages. Just put it around your cock and then stick it into your bitches pussy. She will beg for more!" Don't count on it, but this bitch begs the question - when will you have someone more professional write your ad copy? But, I digress...
Let me say this, to wrap up. At only $7.95 (a non-glowing one can be had for $5.95), I wasn't expecting much. In this regard, it delivered more than I had hoped for. I just don't think the manufacturers had a comedic prop in mind.

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