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Toy: Venus Butterfly Stimulator
Reviewer: dumblonde
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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The Venus Butterfly

*TYPE: Strap-on stimulator
*SIZE: 2" x 3"
*BATTERIES: 3 AA (not included)
*NOISE FACTOR: med. - high
*EXTRA FEATURES: elastic leg straps, 3 speeds
*MANUFACTURER: California Exotic
*PRICE: $27.00


Here's another one from my toybox that I'd never tried out. An external vibrating, butterfly shaped device that's held in place with elastic straps and has a battery pack. It was a 'gag' gift from a good friend.

It seemed like one of those toys that sounded good, but had little practical use, unless you're one of those individuals who feels the need to be strapped on and vibrated virtually all your waking hours. Contrary to what you might think, I am not such a person. It advertises that this can be worn under clothing - but really, why would you want to? There's still the problem of the battery pack, and personally, if my dentist, say, came at me while emitting a buzzing sound, I'd be outta there so quick it would make her drill spin. And I wouldn't be rescheduling.

I suppose it might be fun occasionally to wear one of these devices around, I would be careful, though. It could be embarrassing should it shift into high gear. If you're an individual who enjoys strapping one of these on on a regular basis, you might want to consider one of those orgasm electrodes being implanted in your spine, as the remote for that is wireless, and easier to hide.

O.K., I stepped into the thin elastic leg straps & cinched them up - but unless you use your hand to hold the device close against you, all the straps in the world won't do you much good. All I can see them being useful for is to prevent an embarrassing fallout to the floor, should you also be so foolish as to not wear panties as well. That said, when you do hold it against your clit, it was very pleasurable - but what isn't?

It's basically a vibrating bullet encased in a jelly, butterfly shaped shell, with a wire running to the 3 speed power pack. It takes 3 AA's, so the actual vibrations were strong, although I found it somewhat noisy and distracting on the higher speeds, and the lower setting just didn't do it for me. As a result, it took me longer to get off than normal, and only after I put a pillow between my legs to muffle the sound. This loud buzzing is almost as annoying as the porn stars who scream & holler nonstop during a scene. Almost.

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