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Toy: Rubber Gates of Hell
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Categories:Cock RingsFor Men
Overall rating:
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Rubber Gates of Hell

Price: $16.95
Reason for Purchase: I purchased something similar earlier and liked it. So I wanted to try out some more S&M type toys.
Bang for your buck: * (Limp noodle)
Big O meater: * (Salt Dry)

Looks: Five rubber rings held together. Starts with a small ring then ends with a larger ring. There is a hook at the top for putting on a leash or weights.

Smells: No smells.

Feels: These are rubber. There is no irritation.

Noise: N/A

Dimensions of Device:
2oz. This thing is 4.5” long.

My dimensions: 6.5-7” long x 5” girth

I have tried to use this thing many times.
This thing really was not designed for my shape.
“First ring is larger to fit behind balls” That is what the description says but that is not true for me. I have large balls. I could not see any way for me to put these behind my balls. I tried to pull them as far apart as I could. I even tried tugging one ball at a time, big mistake it hurt like hell. So there is no secure way to keep this thing on.
Next each ring is supposed to get smaller to encase and hold the penis. Well I do not have enough girth to hold these things taut against my penis.

Basically I am very disappointed with this toy. It doesn’t work for me. This thing was designed for someone with a Big dick and small balls. I have a small dick and big balls. I have tried stretching the last ring as much as I can so I can slip it behind my balls but to no avail. With these type of toys there is a NO Return policy. So I cannot exchange it for a new one. Which I can understand. I would not want a used toy, knowing someone else had used it.

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