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Toy: Natural Contours Vibe
Reviewer: dumblonde
Manufacturer: Sinclair Institute
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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*TYPE: small, battery operated vibe
*SIZE: 4" x 1 1/2"
*BATTERIES: 2 AA - included (yes, included - not a typo)!
*NOISE FACTOR: Fairly quiet, under blankets, probably wouldn't wake spouse ; )
*MANUFACTURER: Candida Royalle - Femme Line
*EXTRA FEATURES: 3 speeds, smooth matte finish, ergonomic shape
*PRICE: $24.95


Seeing the Natural Contours vibe pictured on ADT for the contest giveaway reminded me that I had the little model, and hadn't tried it out yet. Why, I don't know, because I've heard good things about this line of vibrators, so all I can say is, so many toys, so little time! There are 3 different sizes in the line, and this one is the smallest, which would make it ideal for travel. It has a smooth matte finish in a pleasing coral color. I really like the revolutionary new shape as well - like the name says, the natural contour of it is made to fit between your legs like a glove, and is a very pleasant feeling, more intimate, somehow (uh oh, I'm starting to feel intimate with a vibrator - I had been warned about this! What's next, planning cozy evenings in front of the fire? But, ya is low maintainence, ...and it doesn't fart in bed, either ; )

On it's side, it resembles a comma, on your nightstand or in your luggage, it wouldn't be instantly recognized as a sextoy, more like a curved electric razor. Although I usually use an AC powered vibe because they're built to last, I'm impressed with the craftsmanship and thought that went into this one, definitely a cut above the usual flimsy suspects, but priced competitively, making it a very good value. In fact everything about this vibe seems to be first-rate, down to the included heavyduty alkaline batteries, which are more than adequate to keep it, and you humming. For such a small, dainty vibe, it delivers plenty of power, the lower speed was plenty strong for me.

Candida Royalle should be very proud of this line - I'm not sure who in the past designed most vibrators, but I'd be willing to bet very few were women. She obviously saw a need, followed through, and filled it very nicely. Well done!

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