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Toy: Temptress G-Spot Vibrator
Reviewer: Dumblonde
Manufacturer: Wicked
Categories:VibratorsFor WomenWaterproof
Overall rating:
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Temptress Super Slim G - spot Waterproof Vibe

*TYPE: small G-spot vibe
*SIZE: 4 1/2"L x 1"W
*BATTERIES: One AA - not included
*NOISE FACTOR: Don't know, it was under water
*EXTRA FEATURES: waterproof, with a curved end
*PRICE: $14.95
*BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 4 1/2 stars


This is one of the items that I've had in my toybox and never tried out, so I thought this would be a good time, although my expectations were rather low. In fact, I've never really used a waterproof toy before, and to really put it thru the paces, I decided to test it out in my hot tub, hoping that "waterproof" meant fully submergible, not just water- resistant.

I set about gathering up the usual accouterment that I can't seem to live without for an hour or two - telephone, paperback book, radio, liquid refreshment, and of course, the toy, and headed to my backyard hot tub. Before climbing in, I made sure I hadn't forgotten anything, because when the weather's cold like this, there's no way in hell I'm going to be getting out until I'm ready.

God, I love my hot tub, and turning the jets up full bore, with those powerful, pulses of warm water hitting me all over, it suddenly dawned on me why I had never used a waterproof vibe - I didn't need to, the little vibe now seemed unnecessary at best. But that curve on the end of it did have me intrigued, big time. Reaching for it, another thought hit me, which made me curse. Aaahhhhh shit, I forgot the lube! Oh well, I'll just have to try it without, 'cause I was all warm & cozy by now. I should mention here - kids, do NOT try this at home! For some reason, my pussy under water is harder to penetrate than Fort Knox. But, working it in very slowly, I succeeded at last, and felt the very pleasurable vibrating curve carressing my G spot. Although the vibrations are rather mild, that's all that was needed. Clamping my legs close together, I stretched my body into a reclining position & looked up at the stars, thinking how joyful it is to be alive! Oh, this feeling was so good I wish it could have gone on forever!

But that familiar feeling was beginning to win out, only this time, it felt a little different - I knew I was going to cum very intensely, and was thankful that I was in the hot tub at this time so I could just enjoy it without worrying about getting the sheets wet. This worry removed, I just gave myself over to the throbbing waves of pleasure, and it was almost a mystical experience.

As I laid back again & just kind of floated, I can't remember the last time my body felt this good. Well, I can really, but that's a whole other story. While the vibe performed very well, gave me a great orgasm & did hold up underwater, I couldn't really attribute this whole mood to it, I think there was just magic in the air that night. Or, maybe it was that curve on the end!

Did I squirt? Probably, but being underwater, hard to say, although it certainly felt like it. But then, it always feels like it. All I can say is, I now have another essential item that I can't live without while in my hot tub!

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