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Toy: Figure 8 Stimulator
Reviewer: -lunacy-
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Cock RingsVibratingFor Couples
Overall rating:
  Figure 8 StimulatorFigure 8 Stimulator at Gamelink

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*TYPE: Couples-Stimular, Enhancer
*SIZE: Tip to tip, about 4' long, bottom ring, about 5 1/2' around, top ring about 5' around, clit stimulator, 1' long.
*EXTRA FEATURES: Vibrating bullet, with attached control box, that fits into a loop on the front, between the bottom of the penis and top of the testicles.
*PRICE: about $20.00
*APPRERANCE*: Well, looks like it sounds. It's a nice color blue, and looks like a figure 8 with an apostrophe' on the top and a loop in the middle. lol
*BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: ** 2 stars
*CLEAN-UP*: Easy
Well? What can I tell you? lol I was a little disapointed in this one, I have always been curious about cock rings, and this seemed to cover than and then some.
The material is jelly, and when I opened it I noticed it looked very poorly made. It has excess jelly hanging off visable seams and divits out of it in places, so that I was afraid it woud rip if I put it on my partner.
It has a nice texture to it, firm and slightly squishy, and well, it's a nice tone of blue. lol *shrug*
It fit nicely over my partners penis, although looking at it, I had my doubts, it seemed a bit small, although that may be the nature of a cock ring.
The bottom loop however, did not hold his testicles for long, no matter how we tugged at them.
After we got everything on, we slipped in the vibrating bullet and away we went.
Bzzzzzz, "Does that feel nice hunny?", I get a non-commital shrug in reply.
I did divine from him that it felt better when the bullet was firmer against his penis, rather than just vibrating out there in front of it somewhere.
O.K, well, let's try some oral while your strapped in and vibrating...
Have you ever blown into a plastic tube and your nose vibrates and it tickles so bad you have to stop?
That is exactly what this was like, this was just not working.
Well, I'm game to keep trying so I hop on for a little test ride.
Uh...No..The apostrophe' was poking me in all the wrong places, I will say however the bullet vibrating against the spot between my pussy and my a*s felt rather nice.
Let's try it missionary, OH Yeeash! I thought it was poking me bad when I was on top!
Long story short, we ended up pulling the thing off and having hot sex without it.
So my overall opinion;
It may be a nice change of pace for a guy, but for a womyn, or me anyway, nice thought, but no thanks.

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