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Toy: Jenna's UR3 Vibrating Vagina & Ass
Reviewer: fefefofolala
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
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All I can really say, is don't waste your money. The paint wore off first time, hole is to tight, and it ripped by the 3rd time. I'm pretty average as far as size goes, so yeah.. The vibrating bullets that came with it couldn't even handle fresh batteries and started smoking at the switch after about 2 min at 1/3rd power. But really, the hole is so tight it over powers the feeling you get from inside the toy. The hole is about as wide as a number 2 pencil it pinches your cock and no matter how much you lube it, it still feels like your getting rug burn. and the anus is even smaller. It's not worth $150-$200. As far as the UR3 texture and feel, very life like. The toy has a nice firm ass, and very detailed, Esp. on the inside. so 2 points for that. Might have fun with it for about a week.

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