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Toy: Ball Banger Cock Ring
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
Categories:Cock RingsFor Couples
Overall rating:
  Ball Banger Cock RingBall Banger Cockring at Sensual Universe
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My husband agreed to review this toy with me. Since the ring is supposed to bring extra pleasure to a woman, a dual approach to reviewing it seems right.

This ring differs from the ordinary, generic rubber cock ring in that it has 3 small rubber balls that dangle down from it to lightly smack against the woman's body when worn around the shaft only. A woman should feel the effect more fully during doggy style sex. I found them subtle, but pleasant and not at all distracting.

Worn the traditional way, back behind the balls, the guy gets the traditional effect of a cock ring, i.e. a harder erection, with the addition of the ring's balls very lightly smacking on the backside of his balls. My husband found them subtle, but pleasant and not at all distracting.

One thing about stretchy cock rings is that they shouldn't be worn for longer than 20 minutes (at least, that seems to be the most common recommendation), so keeping an eye on the clock is important.

Also, a man will need to either shave his pubic hair or cut it very short if he wants to avoid a lot of discomfort from the ring catching and pulling. This comes with the stretchy cockring territory

Either way this ring is worn, it has some fun to offer and is good value for the price.
We've used ours about a dozen times in the past five months, and it's still holding up fine.
A lot of stretchy rings break after two or three uses, so this ring is more durable than average.

Con: For some reason, the manufacturer does not seal the package. Since there are no vibrating parts to inspect at sale, this makes no sense.

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