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Toy: Delicious Encounter Vanilla Lube
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Categories:Lubes / LotionsFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Some people like flavored lubes to disguise the natural flavors of their partners' genitals. Some people like flavored lubes because they think regular, unflavored lube tastes nasty. I like flavored lube because it makes my saliva flow and adds an extra entertainment factor to giving a blowjob.

Well, sadly, this lube just does not smell very good. It has a very chemical, overly sweet smell. It reminds me of vanillin, the cheap vanilla substitute.

I braved a quick taste and was very put off by the bland, chemical taste and the gunky texture. Yuck.

It was rather a shame. Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors, and I would have reached for this again and again had this lube actually smelled and tasted anything like the real thing.

As for the packaging, it was sealed only under the cap. I would prefer that it were shrink wrapped around the outside as well.

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