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Toy: Love Whip
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Manufacturer: Adam & Eve
Categories:Bondage GearFor Couples
Overall rating:
  Adam and Eve Love WhipThe Love Whip at Adam and Eve

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The Adam & Eve Love Whip is billed as being “Soft and sexy without the sting!”

A whip that doesn't hurt? When the opportunity to review this came my way, I immediately jumped on it. I'd never before thought, “If only they made a whip that didn't actually hurt,” but once I saw that one existed, I realized the potential for fun.

Then, I thought, “Yes, but people actually into real whipping won't get the appeal.” Well, if that applies in your case, then of course this is not the right product for you.

Now, if you do get the appeal, you may wonder, “Does it deliver on its promise?”

In my case, it most definitely does. It has a very unique sensation. It feels great smacking on my ass over and over and over again, which gets me very turned on.

Now after a long time, it finally does start to sting just a little, and then I ask my husband (the wielder of the whip) to stop, and that's that: no welts, no bleeding, no sacrificing the ability to sit down comfortably.

So, the Love Whip delivers on its promise, and is well-constructed: there's nothing cheap or tacky about its look or feel. It is easy to handle, with a special twirling design, enabling well-placed smacks. Bottom line (pun intended): If it sounds fun, go for it. I'm glad I did!

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