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Toy: Jack Rabbit Vibrator
Reviewer: -lunacy-
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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Being this is my first written review, (my endearing brand of cynicism typically being confined to Saki's ears), I will follow the format set out by the pro's.

*TYPE:(wriggling-wiggling) Vibrator
*LENGTH-GIRTH: 7 1/4 inches (base to tip), 5 1/2 inches of
penetration. (the bunny get's in the way) and 4 1/2 inches around.
*EXTRA FEATURES: Vibrating "rabbit" for your clit, Rotating beads mid-shaft, Top 3 inches undulate. And a cute lil' smiley face under the head.
*PRICE: about $30.00
*APPRERANCE*: Looks can be on. Hot Pink and White.
*REASON FOR PURCHASE: Who needs a reason?
*WHAT I EXPECTED: Wasn't sure what to expect, I have always been more...conventional, when selecting toys.
*BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: ***** 4 1/2 stars
*CLEAN-UP*: Easy, Suggested cleaning is with alcohol. (It does tend to collect lint, so I've taken to storing it in it's original box)

Well now! This was a new and exciting adventure! lol I got this in the mail and I gotta be honest my first reaction was, "What the heck!" I mean this thing is a monster. It's bright pink and white and to me..well it just looked huge and scary. I dunno, maybe I was expecting it to bite me or something.

Anyway, my curiosity got the best of me so I opened it up to explore my new playmate. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a VERY strong plastic smell, fortunately after some use and cleaning that fades so that it's only noticeable if you stick your nose to it. It takes 3 C batteries, which we did not have in the house, so I decided to give it a non-threatening, non- undulating try.

Thinking, O.K, I just don't know about this...well, after some initial coercion (rubbing my clit and lips) I slipped it in, and hooooyaaaa....
Oh, all doubts slid away as it slid in. This bunny may look a little weird, but oh my, whoever came up with this thing was paying attention in school!
Even without batteries the bunny's ears fit right where they're supposed to, like a finger on either side of my clit as I moved it in and out. The girth and length were a nice tight fit and all the different bumps and curves made nice additives.
A++ orgasm for the first try.

Saki went out later that night for batteries and we gave it a try together. The Jack Rabbit has an attached control box, with a slide button on either side of the box. One side for how fast the bunny vibrates (clit stimulation) and one for the top of the shaft to undulate in a circular motion, best I can measure it's about a 2 inch radius. It also has beads incased in the shaft that do a kind of bubbling action, hard to describe. The beads are stirred around as the shaft rotates, it makes for a very different and very nice sensation.
At first glance, I really didn't like the idea of an attached control box, but for the extra control and the option to vary the sensations, it is well worth it.
Wowsers! :O :D This was even better, with the bunny doing his thing, vibrating my clit gently, then furiously, the shaft rubbing the inside of my vagina in slow, then rapid circles, and the beads teasing just past my lips, orgasm came quickly and hard. With all the sensations it was a combination clit and pussy orgasm, (my fav!).

The only factors that kept me from giving this a 5;
It's sticky..I do not care for the texture of the material.
It stinks..The odor of plastic is just not an aphrodisiac for me.

It seems to be well constructed, should last for awhile and would be a good value. Leads to great! orgasms. And what the heck, it looks a little weird, but it's a sex toy, what can you expect? lol
This one get's my recommendation and the -Lunacy- seal of approval.

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