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Toy: Robo Suck 2
Reviewer: anonymous guy
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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I had a better time with this one than the other reviewers here, but the device is poorly constructed and broke after just a few uses.

One thing to note is that you need one of those pump donuts to make a vacuum for the suction to work. Once you have a good suction vacuum going you can really feel the vibration. I was able to climax pretty easily the few times I used it.

Unfortunately, the suction pump broke rather quickly and there's no way to open it up to even attempt a repair. I tore the thing apart just out of curiosity and found that the broken part would have been easy to glue back together. Too bad I had to rip the thing to pieces to get to it.

Also, some screws and other metal parts on the stroking mechanism tend to wear into the rubber shealth. It probably wouldn't take long for it to wear a whole in the sheath. If the rest of the device lasted that long, anyway.

This was the first sex toy I've tried. It was interesting, but I wouldn't recommend it just because of the shoddy craftmanship.

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