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Toy: Silicone Slims Self Satisfier
Reviewer: Ivory Patton
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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The Silicone Slims Self-satisfier. It is inexpensive. It is a nice shade of pink. It has a variable speed controller (which requires two AA batteries. The cord from the vibrator to the controller is 31-inches long.) The vibrations are pretty intense on the highest setting, and very pleasantly thrumming on the lowest setting. The silicone covering puts a nice cushion on the bullet, so that it's not so cold and hard against one's tender parts.

It is apparently designed so that the bullet can be vaginally inserted, while the little bumpy pad transmits vibrations to the clitoris. This is how it works in theory: I didn't find that it held up so well in practice (fine for a tease, but not enough stimulation in the right places to go the full distance orgasmically.)

What it was very good for was clitoral/labial stimulation. I found that the silicone sleeve makes a nice little handle of sorts, which meant that I was able to put the bullet between my index and middle fingers, with the handle resting on the backs of my fingers. By doing this, I was able to use the bullet in a similar manner to a fingertip vibrator. Also, I was able to set the bullet down and do some nice grinding against it without it rolling around.

Now, I find a vibrator to be a distraction during sex, but that's just my own thing.
So that I could do a thorough review, I did use it for several minutes while fucking. This was a good vibrator as an addition to intercourse, because it did not get in the way of things, and the control was easy to keep near to hand.

So, the pros are that it is affordable, lightweight, easy to store, and, mostly, that it has a silicone covering that both provides cusionining and prevents rolling. It is suitable to use during sexual intercourse. It is easy to store, due to its petiteness.

The con is that the bullet is not removable from the silicone sheath. So, the sheath has to be washed with the bullet still inside, which means that you have to be careful not to get water down into the space where the bullet is (and also not to get any water in the controls.) Because it cannot be boiled, this toy should not be shared.

Bottom line: this is good buzz for the buck.

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