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Toy: Juli Ashton Purple Passion Pocket Pal
Reviewer: Brandon
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
  Juli Ashton's Purple Passion Pocket PalGet Juli Ashton's Purple Passion Pocket Pal

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I just got this toy from a local store last night and, I must say, for the price I paid (around $40) I'm pretty damned pleased. I used it twice last night...the first time was kind of a test run just to see how it would perform. Needless to say, I came pretty quick, but as with most first time experiences, it was a little clumsy and awkward.

The second time, I let it soak in hot water in the sink for like 20-30 minutes. I really set the tone a little better - dimmed the lights, put on some porn etc.

Then I wedged the toy between tow pillows w/ a small towel wrapped around it to keep the pillows clean. I used a fairly minimal amount of lube (I had gotten my cock wet and applied lube after I had filled the sink) and used the anus opening as it's a longer tunnel so I could stay inside it even when fully penetrated (I'm pretty average in length).

Needless to say, this thing felt pretty amazing - especially considering it wasn't one of those $200 deals that I have read reviews for.

I think what was most impressive was that when I moved into a missionary-style position, all of the subtleties of my normal technique seemed to feel just as they would when I'm inside a real pussy. Since this was my second go-round in one night, I was able to last for quite a while and, in a lot of ways, it was like fucking a girl. As a guy who's just gotten out of a relationship and have only had one partner since, I need practice - and previously, I could only get that with a willing participant. But, if this thing holds up, I'll be a step ahead of the game when I get with my next partner.

Just as a note, I am a "pull out" kind of guy anyway, so when I got to that point, I did just that, but my orgasm was very much like the one I would have when I pull out of a pussy and cum on the girl. Hell, I was even walking funny and everything when I finished. I even thought to myself how odd it was to feel like I did - and to not have another person in the house.

Of course, your mileage may vary (esp if you're particularly well hung) but for me, this could be a very nice solution to my short-term needs. In this price range, I don't see how you could go wrong.

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