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Toy: Impulse Hyper Sonic 600
Reviewer: HeyNow
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Impulse VibratorHypersonic 600 at Erotic Elements

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The great vibrator test-off continues! But what the...? A guy reviewing a vibrating sex toy? Hey, it’s fun to see your female partner get worked up in bed with these!

I know this one as the Impulse Hyper Sonic 600, but I see it is listed a plain old Hypersonic 600 at EroticElements (and a best seller there!) Even though the name would suggest, I doubt they use any hi-tech airplane technology in the creation of this one. It’s actually pretty simple: a six-inch long and 1 inch wide smooth hard plastic dildo that vibrates.

The whole thing is controlled via a wired remote switch – you get about few feet of wire. This seems like a good idea – you can sit back and control it while your partner works away. The remote has little “nubs” on it that the manufacturer says can be “used for external stimulation” though the remote itself does not vibrate. One complaint on the remote is that the switch is pretty small and can be hard to find in a rush – but really a minor thing.

My better half, the elusive Ms. HeyNow, has had a ton of fun stimulating her clit with this one. And the wired remote also makes it easy to use and control during sex. You get about 5 speeds with this one – sometimes the fastest doesn’t seem like enough. Cost is about $30 and comes with a 9-volt battery. (Oh, God, why do they use the same battery as the smoke detector uses?)

No real complaints about this one so I’ll give it 5 stars.

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