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Toy: Erotic Wave
Reviewer: HeyNow
Manufacturer: Wicked
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Erotic Wave VibratorRide the Erotic Wave Vibrator

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So, what is a guy doing reviewing a womanly vibrating sex toy? Well, the offer came in and I have a willing female to try these out on so I went for it. This one can be had for around 20 bucks and measures in at 7 inches and has a ribbed texture. I would put this toy in the advanced category due to the ribbing even though there is some give to it. It might end up being a bit to rough on a delicate pussy or pussies only used to softer items inside them. Certainly, it should never ever go in your ass. Trust me on that one. Please.

It’s described as soft, supple and sensuously shaped. Oh my! Certainly, it gets the job done. Unfortunately, the construction is a bit cheap since the screw cap that holds the batteries in is also the knob that adjusts on and off and speed. So, ladies, if you turn the knob too far it will fall off and you’ll have batteries rolling around by your ass crack.

It takes a couple of AA batteries. And I was kidding about that ass comment. I certainly wouldn’t try! I think this one might be best for clitoral stimulations and might be a nice change from your smooth vibrator. And as with most vibrators, it will get the job done so I will give it 4 stars.

When I got this one months ago, it was called My Wicked Erotic Wave – now I guess it is the Temptress' Erotic Wave still from Wicked. Comes in a few colors – we had the pink one.

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