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Toy: Cyberskin Cyber Pussy
Reviewer: TigerDragon
Manufacturer: TopCo
Categories:Vaginas / MouthsFor Men
Overall rating:
  Cyberskin PussyCyber Pussy at Gamelink

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Type: Vagina
Bang for your buck: ***** (Boner Aching)
Big O meater: **** (Above Average)

Looks: One end looks like a very tight vagina. The opening is smaller than the Fleshlight opening. The device angles in an odd way. The vagina goes straight forward then the main tube is angled up.
The pussy came as a kit.
There is the pussy, vibrating egg, lube, toy rejuvenator. NO BATTERIES.
There is a fine lady model on the box. Her name is Vicca.

Smells: Smells like cyberskin.

There are 2 kinds of feeling I want to address:

1. Texture
2. Structural feel

The cyberskin devices do not have the texture feel of a vagina but the structural feel is almost there for this one.

Dimensions of the Device:
It is about half pound. Its depth is roughly 8 long. Remember cyber skin can stretch for you.

My Dimensions: 6.6-7.1 long x 5 girth.
When I use the vibrating egg with the device then the tip of my cock touches the bottom of the egg.

Let us say you had a 2 and a half-hour love session? What if it was not with another person? With what you might ask? My toys are great! And let that be the answer.

The first time I used it I was watching Friends, the TV show, and using the lube it came with. Personally I don't like the water-based lubes. They dry out quickly and they are sticky. It makes me feel like I ate a jelly donut and wiped the jelly onto my cock. Anyway it was a new episode of Friends. I was holding back for as long as I could, Then Joey came into the room in a Superman suit saying "Merry Christmas." I laughed so hard I blew my load.

Now for today's love session, I was using multiple devices today. I pulled out all of my cyberskin toys and the Fleshlight too along with something that is leather and chains.

I was switching back and forth between all my toys. Each providing a different feeling. I placed the toys in front of my heater so they all would get warm. The lubes I used were baby oil with vitamin E. and Skin lotion with Aloe Vera. For the cyberpussy I used it with and without the vibrating egg. I even put on the cyberpussy then inserted it into my pump and pumped it a few times. This caused a vacuum seal and was very good with the cyberpussy.

I finally finished off with the cyberpussy and the egg at full blast. The tip of my cock was touching the bottom of the egg. Suffice it to say I filled up that pussy. Two and a half-hours of just holding back and I was done.

I am so sore right now. But it was worth it. This is the first I have had time alone to just relax and I thought to myself why not. I watched two DVDs in the course of today.

Final words:
This thing is not bad. The other Cyberskin products I bought were of the Hustler brand. This one was actually from cyberskin. They are the exact same materials and all of them come with the Cyberskin medal. It has the same durability as the other cyberskin products. You have to make sure you use baby power after it is dry. The Fleshlight seems to be of a higher-grade silicone and therefore lasts longer.

So what is next? Well maybe one of the larger cyberskin products. One of the free standing molds. This cyberskin kit was nice but you still have to hold it. So here is looking forward to the next version.
(BTW half this review was written on my iPAQ.)

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