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Toy: Rabbit Pearl
Reviewer: lindi
Manufacturer: Vibratex
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
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I've used and enjoyed a couple of rabbit-imitators, so I really was looking forward to the genuine article.

Fresh out of the box, it looks appealing and girl-friendly -- the translucent frosty pink gives just a peek at the wiring inside, and the rabbit has a reasonable and pleasing size. The familiar, signature pearls fill the bulging midsection, tumbling and revolving when the vibrator is powered up. Plus, there's the little rabbit ears to tickle your clit. I didn't notice any of that gooey phthalate-plastic smell.

But right away, I don't like the corded control. For other people, it might be a plus for partner play, but I prefer the freestanding models with controls in the base -- no tangle of wires to get in your way, no worries about pulling a wire loose in your madcap bedroom antics. Without a long base, there's not much to hold onto for controlling angles and pressure. The parts which will need to be cleaned are also very near the electrical works, so the idea of getting water in there is another concern.

It also labored a little bit when I first tried to insert it. I got brand new batteries (3 C batteries) for my next venture, but I still thought it was under-powered.

Although, to quote dumblonde, "Try writing a critique in the rosey afterglow of an orgasm." It is indeed hard to be critical of anything that does the trick!

Bottom line -- I love a rabbit vibe, but I'd recommend one with a freestanding base over a corded model unless you have compelling reasons to prefer a corded control.

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