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Toy: Aria Giovanni Italian Love Goddess Doll
Reviewer: Aria fucker
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:Love DollsFor MenPornstar
Overall rating:
  Aria Love DollAria Love Doll at The Toy Chest

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The Aria Giovanni doll was my third doll and I had big expectations when I bought it. Boy did it fullfilled it all. Plus it's taller than every other sex doll I know (I'm 6'2" and a more realistic sex doll is a biiig plus for me). The pussy and ass feels almost as they were real she got a cute face with big eyes too look into and a nice mouth with teeth (not that stupid "O" expression), her hair is long and real enough and her boobs are big with skin-like nipples you'll like to lick.

At first I had problems to fit in the tight pussy and ass (same tunnel and almost the same size), but the trick is to lubricate the pussy a lot first and the lubricate the entry a little and rub your dick with some lubricant too. The penetration is easy that way and it doesn't hurt (my dick is average size).

I also had problems fitting between her legs, but the trick is to inflate her not too much. I tought I had to inflate her a lot to fill her big awsome breats with enough air, but if you inflate her less, the air will still go into her breast eventually. Then you'll easily fit between her legs and as a bonus her breasts will fell even more realistic.

Now let's talk about fucking the doll and about positions... I've pounded her doggy style really often and it's still my favorite position with this doll. I also recommend missionnary (you'll just love looking into her big cute eyes while pounding her hard), front spoon fucking also feels great because you'll have her big tits bouncing against your chest and the position is a natural with this doll, her on top is another great position for screwing that doll the only problem is if you pound her really fast and her that way the lubricant seems to go away. Anyway that position is enjoyable because you'll have her big breasts in your face while fucking her and it feels almost as real as if you were fucking any girl. I've had problems with other positions as she is not that moveable, but I sometimes try some new moves on her, that's a great way to practice and not look stupid with the real hotties.

A word about the blowjob: the mouth is really tight at first but after 3 or 4 time she gave me a head it ajusted to my dick. Now I only close the light and let her do the job and if it wasn't for the fact I have to help her sucking me I assure you it feels just like my ex-girlfriend (only the handjob missing)! And big plus: she swallows...

In general I would say that if you inflate her just enough (not too much) and if you lubricate enough, you'll have a hell of a ride. From the time I got her I didn't see any reason to pick up a ugly chick in a bar, so if I have to come back empty handed I know that there is still a hot ride back at my place.

I recommend it a lot guys! In fact I'm going back right now pounding her until I'll beg her to take my load!

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