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Toy: Omazing Vibrating Cock Ring
Reviewer: Steph
Categories:Cock RingsVibratingFor Couples
Overall rating:
  Omazing Vibrating Cock RingGet the Omazing Cock Ring

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After trying the Omazing cock ring my first reaction was, "we should give this to everyone we know for xmas." It's all about sharing the love, right? So we've now used the little gummy ring four times. Every time I'm guaranteed an orgasm even if I'm totally not in the mood for sex. It's stretchy, soft and easy to put on, definitely one size fits all. While it probably helps with erection endurance it's hard for a guy to stay strong when he's driving a woman crazy. The buzz noise is a little annoying at first. Then you stop caring about noise. The vibrator is small enough to fit where it belongs and not get in the way of the sex. The vibrator turns on with a little button on the side - easy to shut on and off. It's not an incredibly strong vibration, but good enough and well placed (with little nubbins on the outside.) The box says 40 minutes of use. We've already gotten more than that out of it.

The Omazing cock ring is small, easy to store. It won't scare off the toy averse (no scary pointy things, all soft and cute.) At $7 (plus $7 shipping) it's worth trying. There is also a disposable version of the Omazing.

Husbands and boyfriends, are you listening? If you don't want your ladies doing all their vibrating alone share the Omazing experience with them.

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