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Toy: Robo Suck 2
Reviewer: WTKG
Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
Categories:PumpsFor Men
Overall rating:
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This thing is a rip off. Here are my complaints about it,

1) It is noisy.
2) The stroke is pathetic and the mechanism only moves about 1 and a half centimeters up and down.
3) You can hardly feel any sensation at all.
4) The motor jams all the time.
5) It's heavy so you can't just lie back and expect it to stay on, you have to hold it in position.
6) I couldn't feel any vibrations at all.
7) I never acheived an orgasm with this thing using it as described on the box.
8) Water gets in when cleaning it and this creates rust on the beads around the mechanism.

The only way I could get any use out of the Robo Suck 2 was to put some elastic bands around the sleeve to make it grip my penis then stick it between two pillows and hump it like a fleshlight.

My advice - don't waste your money, the Robosuck 2 is complete garbage.

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