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Toy: I Rub My Duckie
Reviewer: Recoil Therapy
Manufacturer: Big Teaze Toys
Categories:VibratorsFor WomenWaterproof
Overall rating:
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This is a must have for anyone with a hot tub. To the casual (or kid's) eye it just looks like a standard rubber duck floating around. However once the prudes go home/kids go inside a little gentle stroking (the on/off switch is on his back) turns the quiet floater into a busy little duck indeed.

The single speed vibrations are quite strong with a fresh set of batteries (2AA (included) good for several hours of use) & there are three points on the duck that can be used to focus the vibrations (beak, top of the head & the tail). Hes completely waterproof & submersible & he seems to be able to hold his breath for minutes at a time (which is a good thing according to our female guests who hold him under). Our current duck is actually our second one, the first lasted for about a year of reasonably heavy use before water started to seep in & shorted him out. I have NO complaints about that length of service given the environment that he works in. The only improvement that I can think of would be to have a multi-speed option (but assorted ladies haven't complained about the vibrations being either to hard or soft).

For the price (generally $15-20 online) there is no reason not to have one (or more) as a decoration on the hot tub deck (especially as it doesn't shout out "sex toy"). Five of five stars for both value & functionality.

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