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Toy: Compact Discretion
Reviewer: Recoil Therapy
Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
Categories:VibratorsFor Women
Overall rating:
  Compact Discretion VibratorThe Compact Discretion at Erotic Elements

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A multi-speed vibrating egg housed in a nice plastic case.

Initial thoughts: A very discreet vibrator in a case that could easily be mistaken for something else (it actually rode around in Mrs. RTís purse for a few months. She said that many time she grabbed it thinking it was her sunglasses. Luckily she was never too deep in conversation that it was opened upÖ.).

With use: It takes 2AA batteries (not included) & provides 5 different levels of vibration (no different functions such as pulse or roller coaster), but it could have easily been called a 3 speed as the middle speeds seemed fairly similar. The case has a small notch cut out of the top edge so that you can take the egg/cord out & close up the case. However all the speed controls are inside the case & canít be manipulated if the case is closed. The cord is long enough though that the case really doesnít get in the way to begin with.

Improvements that could be made: More distinct power levels (both on the high & low ends) & different functions other than straight line vibrations would be nice.

Overall: For the price (about $20) it isn't a bad deal. If you travel quite a bit or want to carry a vibrator around in a discreet package this could be good to have. For around the house use though we have other toys in the chest that would be grabbed first. Three of five stars.

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