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Toy: Tongue Joy Turbo Pack
Reviewer: Recoil Therapy
Manufacturer: JJK Industries
Categories:VibratorsFor Couples
Overall rating:
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Good things come in small packagesÖ

Initial thoughts: This looks really interesting; there are a lot of different ways that it can be used.

What it is: The Tongue Joy is a small self contained vibrator that can be used in a variety of ways with the included attachments. The Turbo portion is a separate battery pack that (with a slim cord) can double the power of the vibrations. The TJ takes two 393 (watch sized) batteries to run & the Turbo pack takes two AA. There are three different sized silicone rings that the unit is attached to & then can be slipped over your tongue, fingers, toes (if you want to get creative) & penis (the large ring doesnít stretch quite far enough for me though). There are four different silicone sleeves that can be slipped over the vibrating end to provide different sensations (& to keep your teeth from being hit by bare vibrating metal). Also included (but not shown) is a steel barbell that if you have your tongue pierced (or other body parts I would imagine), you can attach the unit to. All of this fits into a small zippered cloth bag. To turn it on/off you just screw/unscrew the vibrator into the battery pack/cord outlet. The Turbo part also has three speed settings (low is roughly equivalent to the single speed of the small battery pack).

In use: This was a lot of fun to play with. By itself it can easily be hidden in your mouth to surprise someone (just donít try to talk) & provides enough power to get the job done. I did try it on my tongue with the battery pack attached & the cord hanging out of my mouth but the vibrations were just too strong (for me, she wasnít complaining at all). It will take a bit of experimenting to see which ring works best for you. With the large ring, after a couple of minutes the TJ would start to slide down & need to be repositioned. The medium one (for me) gets uncomfortably tight after a few minutes. You will just need to see what works best. Neither one of us has a pierced tongue, but that would seem to be the ideal way to keep it from sliding around. Attached to the fingers works very well too, but for us the main selling point was itís ability to be used on the tongue.

Overall: I found the TJ online averaging about $50-55 & it is worth it. The quality/sturdiness of the unit shows & it should provide many years of service. The only complaint/suggestion that I would have would be to make the inside of the rings ribbed so that they donít slide around as easily. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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